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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  July 27, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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threaten to blow up everybody from his office. police say he had the stuff to make it happen. take a look at this list of handguns, arrivals and ammos. they got out of his apartment. according to court documents, 28-year-old neal prescott was in the process of being fired. monday he called into his pitney-bowes office on capitol heights and told another employee i'm a joker. i'm going to load my guns and blow everybody else. >> the message if you threaten to do harm, kill people, we're going to believe you, and we d did. >> reporter: according to court documents police visited him at his apartment. they say he appeared to be
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groggy, that he was wearing a t-shirt that said guns don't kill people, i do. this morning police raided prescott's apartment and seized more than 20 guns, and 40 boxes of ammunition, including three 9-millimeter handguns, a 45-caliber semiautomatic, a .357 and various arrivals and shotguns. i think we were surprised by the amounts and types of weapons. >> press coal, who they say is 6'7", 270 pounds, taking to the medical center for mental evaluation. this comes a week after -- for three years, they say, prescott worked for pitney-bowes at this capitol heights facilities where
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sources say the mail for the u.s. capitol is screened. pitney-bowes says he was a contract employee. back in his apartment complex in kropf ton, we found black tape over the peephole. no sign of a forced entry. police say prescott came peacefully. alan caven says he knows him. what do you make of something like that? >> unbelievable. >> you no el this guy? >> that doesn't sound like him. that's pretty crazy. >> reporter: in the end, it was a team of cops from two counties, and agencies from atf that worked to tamp out this threat. >> what was going on was a significant inns didn't in the county. we think a violent episode was avoided. >> reporter: so far no criminal charges against prescott. the investigation is still ongoing.
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officially, though, they say now he's fired. live in prince george's county, pat collins, news4. thank you, pat. some of the people who used to work with neal prescott are going told not to talk to the media tonight, but some of the people who work in that came capitol height park are quite shaken by the news. that facility is home to the tabernacle of praise and worship church. >> people are just having a hard time dealing with issues of anger and accepting the fact that some things have happened in their lives. it's just -- it's mind-blowing. >> we invite you to stay with news4 and for continuing coverage. jackie bensen will have report on the reaction from the community. >> a police officer hailed as a hero is now charged with assault in a separate indication.
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on wednesday corporal ricky attie was honored for his bravery in rescuing people. thursday a grand jury indicted him on assault and misconduct charges from a case last august. the police department investigated claims he assaulted a person who ran from the scene of a shots fired call. he is suspended until the case goes to trial. people across new york are clean up tonight. a tornado and severe storms left their mark across the state. it touched down. it tossed trees all over the place. more than 10,000 people are without power. emergency shelters have been opened and governor cuomo has declared an emergency for the area. with earp lucky enough to dodge the storms that hit new york, but we had to deal with more heat. doug has keeping an eye on the storms to our south now. doug? >> we do have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect. right now 93 degrees. that heat index at 96 degrees.
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nowhere near the numbers we were dealing with yesterday. current temperatures right now 86 in leesburg, 84 in gaithersburg. right now 92 towards the pax river. right now in our area, just some showers. right along 66, and then also around the warrenton area, straight on down towards fredericksbu fredericksburg. really no thunderstorms, and i don't see any lightning with these storms. there is that severe thunderstorm watch in effect from fredericksburg and stafford county southward until 10:00 tonight. we'll continue to keep you updated. i'll give you the weekend forecast in just a minute. nbc coverage of the 2012 london olympics kicks off in less than 90 minutes. where the opening ceremony is well under way. 80 heads of state are in the stadium watching the
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extravaganza, along with thousands of other spectators. first lady michelle obama is representing the u.s. mitt romney is also there. it is a ceremony that's costing tens of millions of dollars. it will feature paul mccartney, and will end with the lighting of the olympic cauldron. no word yet on just who will do that. >> reporter: morning chimes from big ben led a three-minute chorus of bells across great britain, heralding the arrival of the olympics opening day. >> the world's coming over, all eyes are on us, and it's just so exciting. >> reporter: the olympic torch made it's way through the maze and down the river thames. >> a torch with london on it, especially today is such a big day for the games today. >> reporter: organizer released this glimpse of rehearsaling for
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tonight's opening ceremony, but details of danny boyle's extravaganza are shrouded in secre secrecy. >> this is one of the best-kept secrets. >> reporter: a global television audience of more than a billion is expected to watch, along with 60,000 spectators, and more than 10,000 athletes. >> everybody has told me it's a rush of emotions, you walk in and that's the bearing the flag will two-time fencing gold medal mariel zunigas. >> it means a lot and i'm very proud to represent team usa. >> reporter: first lady game team members a send-off at a morning breakfast. >> try to have fun, try to breathe a little bit, but also win. right? >> reporter: for london and its citizens. >> welcome to london. >> reporter: the start of the
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games is a victory of its own. we are back live in london. we've had some preliminary action, mainly women's soccer, but the action starts in earnest tomorrow. they will be competing head to head in the 400-meter individual medley, jim. >> did i hear somewhere that it started raining about the same time. opening ceremony began? >> we had a very brief downtower. >> it rains all the time there. thank you very much. coverage of the 30th olympiad kicks off right here on nbc4 tonight at 7:30. mitt romney is still apologizing for his comments about the london olympics, and an nbc news interview, he questioned whether the country's security was ready for the big
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event. he plans to leave london for israel this weekend. jennifer johnson reports. >> reporter: mitt romney is still recovers from the back lash he got after questioning if london was fully prepared to host the olympic games. on the "today" show he had a new positive spin. >> after being here a couple days, it looks like london is ready. >> reporter: strategists say in light of the poor economic news, the slip-up will soon by forgotten. >> how long will it last? given the scope of the economic news i don't think particularly loan. >> reporter: the message will be broadcast in a new tv ad during the olympics. >> if they're prospering, all of us will prosper. >> reporter: romney is attending
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the games' opening ceremony, then heads to israel. the visit comes as president obama signs a $70 million military aid bill for israel. >> what this legislation does is bring together all the outstanding cooperation that we have seen at an unprecedented level between our two countries to underscore or unshakeable commitment. >> reporter: romney has been critical of the policy toward israel, promising to ramp up aid, even though the president says forehanding is at record levels. the white house says the timing of the president signing the aid bill for vale on the each of romney's visit was just a coincidence. president obama is bringing his ka expand back to virginia next week. he's planning to stop in leesburg. the two-day trip will also include ohio and virginia. coming up, fight night may
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be looming, the battle over the future of a casino comes down to a special session. the accused movie theater shooter may have had a history of mental health problems. we're learning what kind of psychiatrist he was being before the attack. and families have an angel in their corner.
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eye . a psychiatrist who specialized in schizophrenia was treating james holmes at the university of colorado in denver. more funerals in aurora, and across the country as victims
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are laid to rest. jay gray has more. >> reporter: grin zannis is an artist. his tools a bussaw and boards his canvas. oklahoma city, red lake, minnesota, northern illinois, column buy, and now aurora. >> i've been building crosses really since i was 6-year-old in nashville. >> reporter: now he builds them outside his home in aurora, illinois. they are different dimensions, different heights, a lot of what he builds depends on the wood he gets, but each cross carries the exact same message. >> it's a message of hope. it's not a loss. it's a victory. >> reporter: he does it for free, won't take donations, and will only go if invited.
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>> i have to be asked. i have to be welcomed, i can go, knowing that i can counsel somebody. >> reporter: baas his labor of love is personal. >> i think about my loss. >> reporter: his father-in-law was murdered in 1996. therapy, counseling couldn't help him get through the grief. instead this carpenter found his peace in these crosses. >> i think about him every time i build a cross, how happy he is watching me. >> reporter: a comfort shared with those who need it the most right now. >> i'm just glad i don't have a cross up there. >> harmony johnson was shot. she survived but lost two of her close friends. like thousands she's drawn to the crosses. >> it's been a place for me to grieve, for a place to pray and it's drawn me closer to god and to aurora. i couldn't be happier to be -- and the guy that set this up,
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thank you. >> reporter: gratitude shared by a grieving nation. jay gray, nbc news, aurora, illinois. today president obama approved federal disaster aid for virginia. that money will help play for the cleanup costs after that storm, the derecho last month. the request was made earlier this week. the cleanup cost, state and local governments, more than $27 million. that severe storm killed 15 people in virginia. left customers without power. governor o'malley required a request for federal aid today. if approved, it will help six counties in the state, including montgomery. we are still trying to clean up from the damage caused by that. we got lucky and avoided the storm that hit new york yet. >> we continue to talk about how he dodge bullets all week long. for us, they've been missing us. to the north, to the south,
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where those storms hit in pennsylvania, and all across new york city. as far as our weather is concerned, not bad out there today. temperatures into the mid 90s, not like yesterday, when we are dealing with temperatures around 100, but we did get to 95 today officially at the airport. today is once again above average follow 24 out of 27 days that have been above average. we have only seen three days below average this month, one of the warmers julys ever right now if a forecast holds out, it would be the second warmest july assist last year's july. right now it's 93 at the airport. that heat index coming in at 96 degrees, but nowhere knee that 110 we saw yesterday. 86 in leesburg. gaithersburg only 82. 93 in la plata, and 82 in culpepper.
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as far as the heat index is concerned. everything else in the mid 90s, that's a lot more comfortable. most of this activity will stay well to the south. manassas you're in for a shower. if you're driving along 66 or maybe out route 50, you will go through that shower, turn the windshield wipers on and you'll be able to turn them back off. that's a very small shower. and then back to the west starting to see some showers, and then right down 29 towards ruckersville, you'll see showers make their way in, too. the thunderstorms are just down to the south of charlottesville, and then down toward nor fox,
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this is where the big-time storms are. now, star our weather goes the next couple days, we've got those showers out there. another hot day today, another boundary will try to sweep through tomorrow, and once again a chance for scattered showers. i'm not anticipating anything severe tomorrow. that's good. sunday looking very good. plenty of sunshine, maybe a few showers closer to the bay, but most of us will be dealing with plenty of sunshine on sunday. sunday looking like a very nice day. partly cloudy. 83 to about 89. tomorrow morning passing clouds. sunrise tomorrow at about 6:06. tomorrow afternoon a mixture of sun and clouds. hot and humid. 89 to about 94 degrees, so yes, we are going to get above average once again, but not too, too bad out there.
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a high of 90 on your sunday. 88 on tuesday, as i think we'll see more in cloud cover. some of the models are coming into agreement on maybe a bit more rain. we still need to make up a deficit. a little bit of rain won't hurt anybody. >> that sounds all right. coming up, a d.c. neighborhood that's a parking nightmare a lot of the time. finally has something to lure the customers back. two men who had hiv are now free of the virus. ♪
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glue bringing gambling to the national harbor is the focus of a session. governor o'malley announced today he's bringing legislators back to work on that issue. derrick ward reports. >> it's time to act and time to put this issue behind us. >> the special session will give legislators another chance to ponder a sixth gaming license for maryland. >> i feel confident that the citizens of print georges county will vote overwhelmingly, because they understand the need for jobs and safety. >> reporter: he remains a strong advocate of a new casino. mgm grand has a proposal. they say national harbor has
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gotten all the attention, essentially knocking them out of the runninging. >> my position was i would be very honest with the people to what i thought was the best sight to bring in the maximum amount of revenue. >> reporter: the governor says there was no back door deal or breakthrough that made the idea of this special session possible, but he says there is a change to the law, a new provision that makes this whole idea more palatable to more people. that's the so-called hold harmless calls. that is money that goes to the new facility instead of one of theirs. it doesn't make it more palatable to opponents. >> this will bring to one of the most preeminent majority/minority communities in this nation, it's going to load us up with debt, break up families bring us addictions we don't want or don't need for
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pennies on the dollar perhaps. >> reporter: if the measure makes it through the special session, then it will go to the ballot and the voters, both sides, say they will prevail in that vinu, but only one will. derrick ward, news4. complete coverage of the 2012 london olympics kicks off in one hour on nbc. here es a believe look at the host city. you can watch the opening ceremony tonight at 7:30. this is some video of last night's dress rehearsal of the so far top secret opening ceremony. a global audience of more than a billion is expect to do watch it on tv, along can more than 60,000 spectators who pack the stands. fencing god medalist mariel -- it will be time to officially let the games begin. now to a developing story in prince george's county. police say a croften man in the
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process of being fired threatened to shoot his workers. 20 guns and 40 boxes were seized early this morning. >> what was going on over the last 36 hours was a significant incident, and we think a violent episode was avoided. >> prescott is undergoing a mental health evaluation. jackie bensen has reaction from some of the people who work in the same office park. >> reporter: people in the small office park were clearly shaken
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by news of the threat. >> life does get interesting. >> this nondescript office park in capitol height maryland is the alleged targets of a mass shooting threat by neil presc t prescott. pitney-bowes released a statement that says the suspect arrested was an employ decree of a subcontractor to pitney-bowes. at pitney-bowes we have clear security protocols. when we have concerns, the suspect has not been on any pitney-bowes property for more than four months. the facility prescott allegedly threatened to shoot up is also home to a church. they're getting ready for a youth prayer meeting tonight. >> people are having a hard time dealing with issues and anger, accepting the fact that some
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things have happened in their lives, and it's just mind-blowing. >> reporter: if the executive released -- in the way of the tragic shootings, we are all fully aware of the destruction that one individual can do. reporting from capitol heights, jackie bensen, news4. said he would not welcome any expansion. the mayor treated that it serves hate chicken. some also say they object to the franchise whose corporation leaders have supported antigay organizations and opposed same-sex marriage equality. mayor gray said that given my long-standing strong support for lbgt rights and marriage equality, i would not support hate chicken. the mayor's office said gray would not actively oppose a
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franchise if it meets the legal requirements for a business license. there is currently one franchise in d.c., on the campus of catholic university. after several months of construction and inconvenience, one of the d.c.'s busiest corridors is up and running. the work is all wrapped up along 18th street on the stretch between columbia and florida avenue s 18th street is also more peat friendly now, with new trees, wider sidewalks, and a bicycle friendly design. >> really the street is a new street, and it's a new street for the first time in, like, what is it, 100 years? >> very challenging to have customers come in. even parking has been difficult. i think it's beautiful. you can see how open it is. some changes you can't see including all new electrical, high pressure gas and water services along with an upgraded
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sewer system. a won't is helping others in a big way. she spends her time raising money for care takers so they don't have to worry about expenses while they support loved ones fighting life-threatening illnesses. melissa molle teismt introduces is to the generous woman. >> one person can make a difference. together we can make the world. >> that is new market's debby williams, known for her quick smile, warm hugs, but also her passion to help. >> in 30 days, long story short, we raised $20,000, patty died with dignity. they saved her home. so far debby and a half dozen volunteers have raced $4 million. and in need of financial assistance, people like lily
6:33 pm
weaver. >> she has helped our family with the bills. >> lily is now in remission. >> when i think of all the kids, the men, the women that have been affected by this, and how gracious and wonderful the world is, i get emotional. >> angel craiger also knows what it's like. she wears this back pack to keep her health pumping. she can't work and has been on the transplant list for years. >> they hook us up or teach us house to fund raise on their own. >> they raise money through concerts and races. >> there are a lot of people out there who will talk the talk, but don't walk the walk. she's walking it. >> the fund directly -- even other charities call debby, and they'll say, can you pay their
6:34 pm
insurance? can you buy a car? >> reporter: she's also known for helping victims of natural disasters and organizing homecummings for local soldiers. >> reporter: do you think patty is smiling? >> oh, i know it. i know she's in a good place. >> reporter: melissa molle teismt, news4. debby's biggest fund-raiser is coming up on august 25th. it's a concert with country star sara evans and hunter hayes. she's hoping to raise $500,000 there. for more information, you can search ppf on if you know of a local nonprofit organization that's moving our city forward, nbc4 would like to help. it's called 21st certainliry solutions, it will grant three serving organization -- any nonprofit that's 3 years old or
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less is eligible. just tell us how that organization is using new and innovative ways. the deadline to enter is august 15th. go to for more information. coming up tonight, two men now free of hiv. the patients help pinpoint a new targets in the battle against aids. how about the weather, doug? >> a few showers and thunderstorms out there, but not a bad night.
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doctors are not calls it a cure, but a procedure appears to have eliminated hiv in two men who contracted the virus. they underwent bone marrow transplants. they were meant to treat lymphoma, a type of cancer that both had developed. eight months later doctors say there are no detectible traces of hiv in those patients. they say keeping the patients on antiretroviral drugs was key. >> typically what happens when people get a transplant, they're so sick they have to stop the hiv medicines, so the donor
6:39 pm
cells they get immediately become infected with the patients ease virus. in this case the donor cells were protected against becoming hiv-infected. >> doctors presented their findings today on the final day of the international aids conference. they say this gives them a new targets in aids research. dan hellie is hanging out in london right now. what have you got coming up in sports. >> all kinds of magnificent and wonderful things. we'll talk about the nats doing something a d.c. baseball team has not done since doreen was very, very young. also a new
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yes we're at 93, but notice the cloud cover. i think the clouds will help to see a nice evening for most of us. that's going to start to come down a bit, current temperatures around the region, 86 in reston, 88 in rockville, 82 in
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gaithersburg. a far cry from where we were yesterday. a few showers around the metro area. we'll zoom right on in here. there's one band of showers, very surprised this is reaching the ground, but if it is, maybe a drob here or there down to the south, a bit more rain. and down to the south, and charlottesville area, this will make its way in. just a bit on the warm side. thanks, doug. >> thank you, doug. they didn't send either one of us to london. as a consolation prize -- >> what's up with that? >> consolation prize. you're left with me. the fact of the matter is that there is some football being played. you know what's happening right snow in 32 teams in the nfl that are going to the super bowl as of right now.
6:44 pm
our guys are getting ready to. the skins hit their field for the first practice of training camp. that was yesterday. today they were back at it, and so was da man. i'm talking about chick hernande hernandez. >> thanks a lot. appreciate that. >> yeah, we've got football, vance. jammal brown is expected to see a doctor on tuesday, to find out what's going on there. they have signed -- make roster room, they cut brian hernandez. when i heard hernandez is being released, i got a little nervous. that's okay. as for the team, though, a lot
6:45 pm
of the riffraff is gone. the linebacker corps is all set, and a rookie shall lead them and it's happened pretty fast. but this entire team is tight. don't forget, no lockout this year. they've worked plenty hard with all the time they've been able to spend together. >> we're getting there. i mean, we're only second day in camp. we have a long ways to go. ot a's really helped in developing some chemistry. we all get along really well. >> this group is great in the locker room. it's been a group of guys that spend the off-season committing time and making sure we're all here. if we're going to blend, it would be good to do it early, but i think you'll start to see once we start playing some games. >> we all can't wait for some games. we finally got our first glance at the kickers. could be one of the better competitions. they were both razzed by their
6:46 pm
teammates both missed 47-yarders and then made 47-yarders. vance, as we were walking off the field, i heard a chant today. i couldn't quite make it out, but take a listen. >> go ahead. >> we want vance. we want vance. we want vance. we want vance [ laughter ] >> we want vance. we want vance. >> hey, chick, do me a favor. tell them their checks are in the mail. >> reporter: listen. listen. before your head gets too big, what i think they were says is "we want fans." it is hot as mess out here today. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i swear i saw a lion being tackled by a will abeast out here. -- wildebeest out here. >> you got to get love. >> there's nothing like it. thanks. we'll see you later. >> all right.
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man. the skins are starting up, nats are heating up. they've been hot for a while. that team is 20 games over .500. the first time the franchise has done that since back in '94. i don't even count that. the last time a d.k. baseball team accomplished that feat, you know what it was? it was the senators. doreen remembers it very. very last day of the 1945 season. >> yeah, like it was yesterday. bottom of the first, check this out and he's going to be ryan braun in front of him. you know, had he was mvp last year. jackson seven innings, top of
6:48 pm
the second. this one is down the naja morgan, remember him? here comes roger bernadina. i got that. nats went 8-2. they are now tied with the new york yankees for the best record in baseball. how about that? it's what a lot of us have been waiting for. in about 40 minutes, did we mention that? the openings ceremony of the 2012 olympic games in london. >> that's tonight? >> yes, write it down. all right? [ laughter ] >> we of course will be watching all the big stars and all the local athletes competing, but you might want to keep an eye on the woman carrying the flag for liberia. she group up in silver spring, graduated john canby high school, but she was born if liberia. she has due al citizenship, and she'll be representing in the
6:49 pm
100-meter dash. she has the honor of carrying the flag. she is thrilled with the opportunity. >> i just can't put into words how i feel, but i feel very blessed, honored, and it's an experience i will always cherish, you know, it's just amazing. there's going to be a lot of smiles, probably crying. i'm not sure, but i hope it's not heavy enough so i can wave it around. >> like those nails. way to go. slalom kayaker and georgetown native caroline queen, 2 began as a summer camp hobby. after narrowly missing out on the games in 2008, she's really to go for the gold. before that, she is really excited about the kickoff event. >> i think it will be the most sort of visual experience of the big and powerful nature of team usa. i think it will be touching and memorable event. i'm so excited. i think it's going to be a
6:50 pm
pretty big spectacle, one of the most memorable moments of my first olympics. >> we want her to do well. her heats begin on monday. i don't know if you have a choice, but whoever lights the cauldron is exciting. i hope it's roger bannister, you know what i'm talking about? you don't even know. he broke the four-minute thing, back in, what -- you should remember that? >> yeah, i remember that. doreen remembers '45 -- >> you know payback will be really tough, dude. for the record, i am old enough to have to a senators game as a kid in grade school, but i wasn't around in 1945. that's true. >> you want to make that clear? >> yes, i do. >> that's
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cell phone video captured a history-making moment in sports. a woman named katie verbal bowled 33 strikes in a row. it hatched in wichita, kansas.
6:54 pm
she only let one pin standing in three games. the score was 879 breaking the national report by one point. verbal said the reality of the accomplishment is still sinking in. the ultimate goal is to be the first woman to bowl a 900 in three back-to-back games. >> good for her. she needs to be on the tour. >> it must have been exciting. >> for sure. another hot one. >> high temperature hit 95. not quite as hot tomorrow. we can get rid of the extreme heat and just call it hot and humid. highs between 89 and about 94 degrees. the next couple days, 90 on your sunday. sunday looking grate so maybe a -- same thing goes on monday
6:55 pm
and tuesday as we head into the day on wednesday. >> thanks, doug. okay. so did you notice the lead story in our sports segment a couple minutes ago? did you see the front page of the post today? are you wondering like i am, what the hell is wrong with you people? rg3 and the redskins have been dominating local sports coverage for a weeks now. way out of proportion, in my view, to the place they deserve, to the place that they have earned on the current sports landscape. did i just now commit heresy? did i just even suggest there might be another professional sports franchise in this skins-crazed town? yeah, i did. allow me to make something clear before we go any further. i am loving me some rg3. i think his might be the most refreshing and exciting athletic presence in this town in years. i love the was he's handling
6:56 pm
himself and the media. i'm especially thrilled that maturity and articulation are so obviously the result of a mother and a father who would expect nothing else from that boy. that being said, the kid has yet to play a down in the nfl, for goods in' sake, while back in the city, the franchise, the nationals are on fire. there's not one tame that make a better record. they are 30 games over .500. the last time that happened was in 1945 -- >> we have. >> when doreen was getting her driver's license. you want some front page material? there it is this is a team that's been banged up all season long. davey johnson ought to be "time" magazine's man of the year. i am not even a baseball fan, and i am jacked up over this
6:57 pm
team. here's my problem with the skins training camp overkill hype. that's what it is. i wassal all four of or super bowl appearances. for 20 years since then that team has set me up in august and cut my heart out in september. truth is i didn't really care if they left. i didn't know anything about them, but 41 years later, i have never been more excited and filled with hope for a baseball team. the skins promise, the nats deliver. deliver. under that changes, that so what i'm saying is, people like options. when you take geico, you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is, you have options. oh, how convenient.
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hey. crab cakes, what are you looking at? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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